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MyTocu is the definitive list making social network site for those who love to make lists. Explore MyTocu to see what people are posting

MyTocu is a list maker social network site that changes the way opinions are shared online.

Have you ever found yourself making lists your favourite movies, songs, tv shows or experiences? And have you ever enjoyed sharing, discussing, or debating your list with friends and like-minded individuals? Not only are lists like these fun to make, they also say lot about the individual, making it a great way to know each other better.

Nothing beats the opinion of someone you trust. If your friend makes a list of their favourite songs or places they’ve holidayed, chances are you're going to trust their opinion more than a random advert or article. MyTocu was created with this is mind, A list maker social network site that allows you to make lists based on any topic, experience or subject. You can also view, comment and like lists made by others.

Rather than sharing your opinion on a tv show you watched, how about a list of the best tv shows you’ve seen this year?

Invite your friends and see what they are listing.

MyTocu is a list maker social network site that allows you to make lists on any topic you choose. Why not make a list of your favourite Movies or list the TV shows you are currently watching, perhaps a list of the best holidays you’ve been on or even a bucket list. And your list aren’t set either, as you experience new things and your opinion changes, you can edit and add to your list as much as you want.

We aim to be your definitive social network site for making lists on any subject you choose.